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6 Seater Canopy Wagon
R 14,500.00

Leather horse harness (single)
R 0.00

Ridgepad for single harnesses
R 0.00

Leather horse harness (set)
R 0.00
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Leather donkey harness (set)
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Karoo-veld Bakkie 4 wheel wagon
R 14,500.00

Our high quality cane products are imported from Indonesia.
DecorGarden | Home
Our new range of home and garden decor will blow your mind...
Leather ProductsAccessories | Harnesses | Riempies
Our leather products are made from genuine leather and handcrafted. Our raw kudu hide riempies are the only ones of their kind in the world, made from an old recipe used in South Africa many years ago.
WagonsFarm | Other | Tourism
Our wagons are made from a combination of new and recycled steel and are designed for maximum durability, to be light as a feather and user friendly.

Out with the new and back to the past

With today's troublesome economic climate and inflation we are being forced to look for alternative products to use in our everyday lives. That sometimes leads to changing back to proven technologies from our past. It has become clear that we need to simplify in order to move forward.
Our vision is to resurrect some of the items used in years past that were proven to work better than what we have available today. Have a look at our products to find out more...

Our manufacturing process is mainly by hand

Our small factory was founded 17 years ago and has slowly expanded since. We are located in a small town in the heart of the Karoo, which is also the area where we get the materials to manufacture our products.

Most of our manufacturing takes place by hand and we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and devotion of our team.

Tie these out for size

With our riempies made from an original recipe we have increased the lifespan of normal riempies up to 6 times longer. Our raw kudu hide riempies are currently the only ones of their kind in the entire world and have been used for atleast 200 years in the past.

We are also a dealer for white tanned cattle hide riempies which are of superior quality to that of most well-known retailers.

Bury your tractor in your backyard

Our donkey/horse wagons are built for tourism, farm work and/or recreation and are made mostly from steel to ensure maximum durability.

We also offer a restoration service for old wagons and cape carts made from wood.

Horse, Donkey and Mule Harnesses

We manufacture genuine leather harnesses for donkeys, mules and horses. This affordable product has a high durability and is made the same way we used to make them when we used donkeys and horses on the farm many years ago.

Made from genuine leather, rivets and some stitching.

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Best Sellers:
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Raw hide kudu riempies 6mm
Raw hide kudu riempies 6mm

Made from an old recipe passed down many generations. Super strong -
R 13.00
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